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APPLE ][ 之 新闻组(Newsgroups)

This newsgroup is an excellent source of information about Apple II emulation, and the best place to post questions, requests, and suggestions.
If you are only interested in hearing announcements of new emulator products and new versions of AppleWin and other emulators, you may want to subscribe to this newsgroup instead of comp.emulators.apple2. This newsgroup is also a good place to look for answers to frequently asked questions.
This newsgroup is for general discussion and questions about the Apple II series of computers.


Internet FTP Sites
This site is the largest Apple II emulation site, and the official release point for new versions of AppleWin. Under the /pub/apple_II directory, you will find disk images, utilities for making your own disk images, and Apple emulators for other computers and operating systems.

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